Attention Men & Women Who Want to Drop Stubborn Fat...

How the "quarantine 15" 
Led one fitness pro to... 

Discover The "BioAnalytic Advantage"

To drop 27lbs of stubborn fat In Just 6 Weeks

This “futuristic” solution is being used by the top athletes and ordinary people who want to lose the spare tire, eliminate lifelong aches and pains, and crush strength plateaus.

Best of all, it doesn’t require any crash dieting, excessive exercise, or even leaving your house… to get the body of your dreams.

...It's Time to Go Back to the Future

Hi, my name is Peter Tzemis...

I'm a bestselling fitness author, speaker, trainer, and co-owner of Roman Fitness Systems Inc...

One of the most respected sites for high-quality fitness and lifestyle information on the internet.

On this page, I’m going to be sharing the embarrassing story about how I became 27 lbs overweight… 

And Couldn’t For The Life of Me Lose The Spare Tire Around My Waist

...Despite all my knowledge and health science degrees.

Honestly, it’s all quite embarrassing…

Because I thought the pandemic would FINALLY allow me to prioritize my health and fitness... 

Since I had all the time I needed to workout and cook healthy meals.

Quarantine was supposed to be a blessing for my waistline.

But here's what happened:
  • Day 1 I was 100% on point. I stuck to my diet, I did my cardio, and I even got to bed early for the first time in months. 
  • Day 2 I had a cookie and shortened my cardio a bit, but overall it was still a good day.
  • Day 3, With the world spinning out of control, I felt like I needed to relax. I laid on the couch and hardly got up. 
  • Day 4 - I rebounded back with a solid lift… but it took all the motivation I had.
  • Day 5 was the beginning of the end... 
While I had decided to spend quarantine getting back in shape…

My girlfriend (a lifelong athlete with a crazy metabolism who never got OUT of shape)…

Decided she wanted to use the time in quarantine to become an amazing baker.

That day, I walked into the kitchen, where I found her preparing a big batch of chewy fudge, chocolate chip brownies. 

One turned into two which turned into four.

Which turned into a full-blown cheat meal filled with chocolate ice cream and pepperoni pizza. 

This started a downward spiral that led to a rapid 27lb weight gain and a sickening depression. 

What I didn't know at the time was that those 27lbs would lead to the biggest health breakthrough I've ever come across...

And Change My Entire Philosophy on Eating Healthy, Working Out, and Looking Good Naked

Yes, it was that powerful. 

See, normally I could get away with eating the occasional brownie on my diet because I was on my feet all day at the gym and worked out twice a day.

Quarantine changed that.

I had no job, no movement, and no drive to eat healthy. 

The Couch Sucked Me In...

After a few days of my newfound affinity for home baking, I noticed a little extra fat around my love handles…

Within a few weeks, I’d gained a noticeable amount of weight around my belly…

My stomach became as squishy as a pillow.

But, my girlfriend still loved me anyway (she’s the best)...

And I wasn’t leaving home much, so nobody else could see.

She had become the cookie master, while I had become the cookie monster…

One day, I hopped on a Zoom call…

And I noticed that even my neck was chunky…

I even had an embarrassing “double chin.”

My body had become unbearably humiliating… even over Zoom.

And when I stood up, my low back ached and my hip flexors jolted in pain.

I felt like my 80-year-old grandma.

I knew I had to get back on track in the gym.

So, I went back to programs that worked in the past...

However, many of the exercises I didn't have the equipment for…

So I had to substitute.

Now, I obviously prefer working out in a gym. Working out at home was so uninspiring to me.

I’d pull out the workout program…

And immediately need to figure out modifications since I didn’t have all the equipment.

Workouts that were meant to be short, took hours.

And not hours of balls-to-the-wall training.

In an hour and a half, It was more like 23 minutes of doing a few exercises…
Soon, I was finding reasons to cut parts of the workouts.

Oh? My dog needs a walk? Better take care of that.

Dinner needs to be prepared? Gotta be on top of it.

And after six weeks of training...

I had accomplished NOTHING.

While I (and the world) had changed....

The program hadn’t.

A PDF program never prepared me for...
You know, a pandemic.

It was still the exact PDF I’d done years ago. They weren't bad programs...

But I had NEW circumstances...

A lot of that thanks to the pandemic.

Different equipment... Space... Time to train... Energy to train.

But also circumstances that change because, well, I change.

My evolving goals, nagging injuries...

The type of training I want to do.

But that PDF program didn't account for ANY of that. 

There was nothing in the program tailored to me… 

Like it was made for a cookie-cutter human being that doesn’t really exist.

And if there's no change to the program, why should your body change?

Even worse, if you follow the same program, your body will get stuck in the same patterns.

This is exactly what happened to me.

In quarantine... I had nobody to impress, nothing to train for... 

Frustrated by the incompatibility of the program my situation…

I found any excuse not to train.

And without repercussions and accountability... 

I got fat. Real Fat.

Have you ever bought a workout plan... and no matter how excited you were…

You just let it sit on your computer? Maybe you did the first week? 

Sure, online fitness coaching can, in theory, solve both of these issues.

There are a lot of great online coaching programs, just like there are great ebook programs.

But they still come with a TON of problems.

First of all — And I know this because I’m a trainer who writes programs and talks to other trainers —

Almost NO programs are built completely from scratch. 

They come from a template the trainer is using over and over regardless of the client's age, goals, or lifestyle.

Look, I’m all for sticking to basics and keeping a skeleton of a program the same..

But the reality is...

Most Coaching Programs Provide Very Little, IF ANY, Personalization

THIS is where the best results come from.

Where you can look at your specific goals, weaknesses, nagging injuries, equipment available and more.

These will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 

Yet most coaching programs neglect these or give minimal attention to them.

In fact, one of the most popular internet trainers actually got sued for selling the same program over and over while claiming it was custom.

Here's a headline from the New York Post

She’s not the only one who’s doing this.

For great trainers to make truly customized programs…

To MOLD the program FOR YOU from scratch…

It would take a ton of time to the point of impracticality… And they’d have to charge a lot.

Unless they’re a crappy trainer (don’t rule out that strong possibility).

Frustrated and out of ideas, I called up a coach who’s one of the best in the business…

His name’s Christian, and he works for elite professional sports teams.

He's the guy they call when the best athletes in the world need to make progress FAST.

Christian is a Mr. Miyagi type — he flies under the radar and waits for the student to come to him…

And when I was ready to learn, he showed me the secret...

That would shed my fat, eliminate my pain, 

And make me look like the love child of Captain America and Thor

He calls his personalization secret:

The BioAnalytic Advantage
Have you ever woken up feeling like crap and trudged yourself to the gym anyway?

By "grinding through it" you stunt your recovery and gains... when instead you should ease off, do less, or change the plan altogether.

The detrimental effects of long-term overtraining are well-documented.

If you train exhaustively for weeks or months, your performance and health plummet…

But even Acute Under Recovery has drastic impacts.
One 2011 Study by the University of Chicago found that sleeping five hours at night decreased testosterone by 10-15%... 
From JUST ONE NIGHT missing a few hours of sleep... 

That’s the same drop in testosterone as AGING 10 to 15 YEARS.

So you wake up, but you’re performing like someone ten years older… does it make ANY sense to train as hard?

No, it does not. It means you should back off and RECOVER so you don’t dig a bigger hole.

Sleep and ANY STRESSOR will lead to subpar workouts until you can recover again. Whether that’s from a long weekend of drinking, a lack of sleep, or long days at work.

But you know what it’s like to workout when you’re stressed or tired… you feel like crap, perform like crap, and don’t set your body up to burn fat or build muscle.

Equally dangerous to your body is UNDER training…

When you’re well-rested and you CAN and SHOULD push your training harder…

And do MORE on those days… 

If you're not adjusting daily...

The BioAnalytic Advantage Is How Celebrities Get Movie-Ready In Just 6 Weeks…

Celebrities can get in shape for a movie in just 6 weeks not because they're in the gym all the time...
(they’re busy making movies)

but because they have a personal trainer tailoring their program everyday

Customizing it, adjusting it, tweaking it.

In fact, one study at the University of California Los Angeles showed that people who worked with a personal trainer...

improved their strength by 23% MORE than those who worked out alone in just twelve weeks…

And that underscores the effects of training with a world-class trainer, like an actor training for a major film would get…

Where those gains would be 3x, 4x, or 5x that. Easy.

You see, The fitness industry has it backward.

The person should come before the program, not the other way around.

1 Degree Changes Make All The Difference

There’s an old lesson that comes from the navigation world...

on the power of being off-course just one or two degrees.

If you’re one degree off, you’ll miss your destination by an entire MILE for every 60 miles you fly.

If you fly from London and intend on going to New York… you’d be 57 miles off course and end in possibly the worst place you could imagine:

Central New Jersey. 

Just from being off 1 measly degree.

It's the pilot’s job in the air to make little adjustments — little customizations to the course...

To get to the right destination.

They understand that being slightly off course for a long time leads to a destination as frightening as… 

New Jersey.

Yet, workout programs don’t course correct at all.

Like getting the directions from London to New York, we get a program to get from where we are to our goals.

But when we go one degree off course, we don’t do anything about it.

For example if a trainer knows you’re not recovered…

They might have you do one less set of everything in your workout.

Another day, they may have you do an EXTRA set.

Constant customization keeps you always right in the sweet spot of where your training should be

and therefore always making progress faster than before.

THAT’s how people (like actors and professional athletes) get exceptional results… in less time.
Without The BioAnalytic Advantage...

You're Trying to Make Progress With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back
With the BioAnalytic Advantage, you’re ALWAYS moving forward.

It's unlike any other programming system.

A PDF program has no clue if you’ve gone slightly “off-course”...

Or if you’re ready to go.

It doesn't know if you binged on an entire chocolate fudge brownie cheesecake...

Or if you had to stay up late because your kids had the flu.

And great coaches, while they can adjust the workouts, rarely do...

because they don’t have time...

or you’re not in contact daily…

or other logistical life barriers that, understandably, get in the way of a coach managing every detail of your recovery and readiness…

 The BioAnalytic Advantage Is Usually Reserved For The Best of the Best
It's why Lebron James has his own full-time personal trainer.

He needs his programming adjusted on the fly based on a number of factors including
  • ​How much TIME he has to train
  • When his next game is
  • How well he slept
  • ​How motivated and ready he is
  • ​What equipment he has available. Is he at a hotel gym? His home gym? The team gym?
  • ​What the goal of his training session is — Is it a strength day? Power day? Conditioning day? Recovery day?
  • ​What bumps, bruises, and injuries does he have?
  • ​Did he eat well before? Will he be able to after?
  • ​What his practices are like and how difficult they are
NO written-up training program can adjust for these EVERY DAY.

Yet, adjusting the program every day based on these factors will make sure...

EVERY training session is DIALED in and provides EXACTLY the right stimulus.

Never too much that it wears him down, but never too little that there’s no set goal and purpose of the workout. 

Always moving forward...
Not only does this have its obvious benefits physically…

it also keeps you checked in mentally.

Had a bad week?

If a program could read your mind and body, it would know to ease off and vice versa.

It's How You Get From Point A To Point B 
As Fast As Possible…

Now, it’s true. You're not Lebron James. Why does this matter to you?

Our lives DO NOT revolve around performance like his does… 

We’re likely not trying to win championships or attain GOAT status…

But imagine… 

If regardless of your goal…

you could get the quality customization that Lebron gets.

It would make getting in the best shape of your life a lot easier… always moving forward...

And allow you to spend more energy where you DO want to become the GOAT.

This concept and the BioAnalytic Advantage is how you no longer need to go from program to program...

Because It Adapts to YOU... 
Your Situation...
 And Your Life

NOT the other way around.
And of course, accountability in an online coach is a HUGE piece of that puzzle.

For a lot of people, it’s exactly what gets them over the hump to attack their goals.

But, what if you could get that sort of accountability WITHOUT hiring somebody to, effectively, babysit you. 

With an online fitness coach, you’re hiring somebody to text you to remind you to do your work. 

That’s like having a PhD professor teach elementary school. 

Sure, they may know a ton, but the biggest challenge is just getting the students to pay attention, and you don’t need a PhD for that. 

Accountability can take many forms, and ideally, doesn’t require babysitting.

This all makes sense…

But Peter, I don’t have access to a world-class full-time trainer like Lebron…
Building programs from scratch requires full-time attention.

Who has this kind of access to these high-level coaches? 

And if so, at what cost? 

Literally, almost nobody. 

Only the best in the world at the top of their sport.

Hiring a full-time world-class coach would cost you literally a salary — let’s say 120k for an even $10,000 PER MONTH. 

For that price PER MONTH, you could get a $100 steak for dinner… every single night and only spend 1/3rd of that.

You could eat at a fancy restaurant EVERY SINGLE MEAL THE ENTIRE MONTH… or you could get the kind of programming advantage Lebron gets. 

But that was the best part…

Because Christian explained to me the “BioAnalytic Advantage” …

He told me how he could SCALE this elite concierge fitness service to ANYBODY…

... With Technology.
Superhero workout iron man
This strength coach has been working directly with computer programmers to, effectively…

DOWNLOAD all their programming knowledge into computer code that could give their professional athletes a completely custom, world-class programming experience…

in MINUTES, all based on a few surveys from the athletes.

Graciously, they let me test this code out, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

This technology-driven program is the “BioAnalytic Advantage” ...

that treated the ROOT CAUSE of unexplained weight gain and was the MISSING ingredient that allowed me to drop 27 lbs of fat…

Shatter my long-standing plateau…

And say goodbye to all my nagging injuries.

Because the program knew which exercises would work best FOR ME, and geared the program towards exactly what I needed…

When I Discovered The "Bioanalytic Advantage"… 

My Body Changed... Almost Overnight

My love handles shrunk away and the BioAnalytic Advantage made me feel like I could dunk like Lebron 

(although rest assured, I still couldn't).

But there were still some logistical issues… 

I only got the output of the code based on my info.

If it weren’t for my training knowledge, I wouldn't have known what exercise was what…

and what the coaching cues were. So, it required some expertise.

I also had to go on the computer every day to fill it out, not a huge deal, and given my circumstance, I was happy to do it, but I knew it would be an unnecessary inconvenience for others.

Finally, there was no built-in accountability, and I feared that for others it would run into the same issues as just buying a program.

We had the BioAnalytic Advantage and the technology, but we had to make it user friendly.
By building in accessibility and accountability.

We set it up so, when you say you wanted alerts, the program would send you a text to fill out your brief daily survey. This would be the first reminder people get. 

Then, the text has a link to the survey that opens in an internet browser. 

Once you fill it out, we text you your custom workout for the day…

created just for you at that moment by our system.

Superhero workout iron man
Next, to make sure people would know what they’re doing, our team filmed videos for every single exercise in the database, that you could watch in seconds right there on your phone.

And, you can reply to your text with questions which one of us (yes, a human being) will reply to. 

To add more accountability, if you skip your survey for a few days you get another gentle reminder text.
We took the technology and made it easily accessible and straight-forward so YOU can get world-class custom programming right on your phone every single day.

I want you to pause for a second and think about this.

A system that creates COMPLETELY CUSTOM workouts for YOU… 

Every day you’ll get the closest to the best workout possible for you, as if you’d had a private personal trainer. Technology for the win.

A Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

And using this game-changing technology… 

I lost all the “Quarantine 15” and then some… 

Getting in the best shape I’ve been in and feeling healthier than ever before.

Roman Fitness Systems Has Been Adapting and Crushing it For Our Clients for Years

Before RFS

After RFS

Seb Went From A Mostly in Shape Dude to an Absolute Beast, Dropping 10lbs of Fat and Gaining 7lbs of Muscle

"A few months ago my training lacked direction and I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to take it. While I hadn’t hit a plateau I just generally lacked motivation and wasn’t really training with much passion at all.

Working with Roman Fitness Systems re-ignited that passion by taking me down a different route and showing me a whole bunch of new tools I could add to my tool box. On top of this, he educated me into how to use said tools so I wouldn’t cut myself when it came to using them on my own.

The insight into these new training concepts and methods have proved invaluable for both myself, and in programming for my own clients.

Oh, gains were pretty damn awesome too!"

And he is just one of many...

Once I started talking about this with my clients…

they all wanted to try it. 

So, we’ve been working to bring this world-class coaching to YOU.

That’s when we hunkered down and polished it off, continually cleaned up bugs in the program…

 and prepared it to be available for ANYBODY.

Introducing: Roman Fitness Systems BioAnalytic Coaching
You will get complete access to the EXACT system being used right now by a select group of professional strength coaches…

That have been tested on everyone from beginners, to advanced trainees, to pro athletes.

When you sign up, you’ll get a text and email with the Intro BioAnalytic Survey that includes all the information the system needs…

to create a near-perfect program for you — custom for your goals, the equipment you have, and more. 

It’ll ask you when you want us to send you the Daily BioAnalytic survey, which will then allow the program to take in daily considerations like…
  • How you feel
  • How motivated you are
  • How much time you have
  • ​What you want to train that day
Then, within minutes, it will generate a workout just for you, one that’s never been made before and will never be made again, tailored for your program, goals, and situation.

This is the BioAnalytic Advantage in action.

As you change, and maybe as your goals change, you can always go back to the intro survey to change up anything you want.

Maybe you’re going to a new gym with cool new equipment, the program can adjust for that. 

Or maybe you want to shift more focus to aerobic conditioning rather than hypertrophy, you can change that. 

The system is as malleable to your goals and situation as you are. 

Look, traditional pdf programs can be great. We’ve seen people get phenomenal results with them over the years. 

But what do you do if you binge ate the night before?

What if you only slept for three hours? 

What if you just feel off? 

On the flip side, maybe you’re feeling on top of the world, and what to dial it up…

An ebook doesn’t answer these questions, and leaves you on your own… constantly overtrained or undertrained… never where you’re supposed to be. 

And online 1-on-1 coaching is a great option for the right person. Some people really thrive off the weekly calls and the babysitting. 

But, maybe you don’t need that, and you really just need a great program, with a coach there and available when you need it. 

Even with 1-on-1 coaches, they’re not seeing your form all the time — that, of course, would take an in-person personal training session.

(until our technology gets to that level.)

But in-person personal training has its own major fallbacks. 

Becoming a personal trainer is as easy a weekend workshop, and has very few prerequisites. 

Most often, unless you’re seeing an established trainer, you’re getting somebody with little experience and knowledge. 

And if they do have elite knowledge, it’s going to COST you.

Or, maybe they’re a good trainer but they’re not giving you any sort of accountability and reminders that you need away from the gym. They see you for 60 minutes and then they peace out.

As we said, this is the FIRST TIME we’re releasing this technology to the general public. 

And we know how important taking action is, and so we want to reward you for jumping into something so out-of-the-box and new from anything out there.

The First 100 People Will Get These 3 Bonuses...

Bonus #1: BioAnalytic Advantage Nutrition Guide

But, even for those who are all-in and ready to dial in their workouts, we know that nutrition is a HUGE piece of the puzzle. 

We didn’t want to give you world-class programming and leave you out to dry with your diet. 

So we’ve created the BioAnalytic Advantage Nutrition Guide that will help you get in the best shape of your life and feel better than ever.

This guide gives everybody an overview of how they can determine their optimal diet for their goals, including a macronutrient guide, meal selection strategies, and a food guide.

Bonus #2: The BioAnalytic Supplement Guide

The right supplements for the right people can give you an edge.

Some supplements are paramount for good health. 

Others can provide that boost you’re looking for for your goals.

In the supplement guide, we’ll outline what you should and shouldn’t be taking, with any budget.

Depending on your goal and situation, you can invest in more or different supplements than others.

This guide gives recommendations on which supplements are right for you.

Bonus #3: Lifetime Updates to the software INCLUDED in your package

Right now, we’re constantly testing and improving this technology. 

We’re hoping that in the future we’ll be able to connect devices like Fitbits and Whoop bands to the tech so the program knows exactly how you feel without you needed to even tell you.

Eventually (only a few years down the road) we’d like to harness the power of machine learning so the software can actually coach you in real-time like an in-person trainer. 

In between those two, there’s a lot that we’re going to improve with this technology and how it’s delivered. 

And, honestly, we don’t know how much we’ll charge for that. But for locking in NOW to the program, you will be the first to get new updates, for no extra cost.

This is like if Apple gave you a new iPhone every year, just for buying the first one. 

Imagine how smart that would have been back in 2009… 

That’s exactly the kind of offer we’re making TODAY.

Once You Sign Up,You'll Get A Text From Us To Fill The Introductory BioAnalytic Survey...
Where you’ll fill out the list of info that will remain mostly static:
  • What equipment you have both at home and at your gym
  • How often and on what days you want to workout
  • What your training goals are
  •  Anything else we should know to give you the best program possibe.

Once That's Done, You'll Get a Text With Your Workout, Including Videos For Every Exercise... Right On Your Phone

Because this is the FIRST time opening this up to anybody...

We’re limiting this special offer to only the first 100 people.

It could fill up any minute.

To take advantage of the bonuses and having the privilege of being one of the VERY FIRST to have access to this technology, you’ll need to sign up soon.

Once it fills, it’s all filled up until our next round of opening, which won’t be until we dial in our systems with this group (probably not until 2021).

And when we reopen it… the price will probably be double if not triple.

In a pandemic-stricken world, shedding stubborn fat and eliminating aches and pains is becoming more and more difficult and great coaching is becoming more and more inaccessible.

For us, we want to provide the best, ever-improving technology and make it affordable and accessible to anybody.

It’s also our mission, as it has always been, to be constantly on the cutting-edge and improving. And with that, we have to admit that embracing this technology is a big experiment for us.

There will likely be glitches to work out and things to improve, a broken video here or there. 

How Much Would This All Be Worth To You?

it’s only a matter of time before ever-improving algorithms and code are being used to help coaches and trainees to make the best program possible, custom to each individual. 

In order for us to get there, we need to be constantly improving.

And that requires feedback.

So if you’re joining us on this, then we want your feedback so we can continue improving the service, and in turn, help you reach your goals.

YOU will have the opportunity to put in direct feedback that we’ll seek to change right away, so you keep getting closer and closer to the perfect workout program.

To get a program with a top-level coach you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars PER HOUR, or THOUSANDS per month...

Even then, the program won’t change day-to-day as you change.

For that, you’d need to hire a full-time trainer like Lebron… Or use RFS BioAnalytic Coaching.

Each month, week, and day that passes by where you don’t have a great program BUILT FOR YOU, you’re slipping one day further from your goals, from your dream body.

That’s why we want to offer this at an affordable rate, so you can continually get closer and closer to where you want to be.

We could easily charge what top coaches charge for their services — often between $500-$1000 per month. 

Roman back in the day charged $497/month, and we think what we have today is a straight-up better service. 

But we’re not charging that. Not even close. 

Today we’re offering it for just $77 per month. 

Investing in improving yourself is rarely a regrettable resolve, especially when you’re getting a service tailored for you.

In 30 days, you can see massive progress, just like I did, but it takes around 90 days of consistent effort to make REAL LASTING CHANGE. 

It's Time To Take Back Control.

Control over your health.

Control over your pain.

Control over your life.

And in a world that seems to be out of control, this makes all the difference.

Sign-up for RFS BioAnalytic Advantage™ coaching right now, and start getting your custom workout system today.

$197 $77

Then $77 every month after (cancel anytime)

Here's what happens after you click the checkout button above

First you'll be taken to a page that looks like this...
Once you put in your email, you'll be taken to a second page that looks like this...
Once your finished, you'll be redirected to the intro BioAnalytic Survey

The link (along with the bonus guides) will also be sent to your email address.

Once you fill out your intro bioanalytic survey, you’ll be off to the races with your own custom workout plan sent to your phone, and we’ll be here for text support along the way.

We’re really confident you’re going to have a great experience with this, but if for whatever reason this coaching isn’t for you, we’re offering a lifetime guarantee. That’s right. Lifetime. 

You can either take action and never have to worry about finding a program or gaining squishy fat around your belly again…

Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

We’re really confident you’re going to have a great experience with this, but if for whatever reason this coaching isn’t for you, we’re offering a lifetime guarantee. That’s right. Lifetime. 

You can either take action and never have to worry about finding a program or gaining fat around your belly again…
Or you can continue to wander through program after program frustrated by the results — and your body. This is not a short-term fix or a magic pill. This is a long-term solution that will continually improve and adjust as you do.

100 Spots Left...

Once they do, that’s it for, well, a while. At least until the end of 2023.

We want to give those who are action-takers and who DO want to be their best, the attention they need and deserve. 

And, we can only do that by limiting our slots.

If you’re in any way frustrated with your current workout situation... 

There’s absolutely no risk. We’re promising you your money back if you decide this isn’t for you.

I want you to imagine yourself three months from now… 

On the SAME going-through-the-motions home workout program…

Leaving you one day weaker, stiffer, and fatter…

That future doesn’t have to become reality...

Because you can CHANGE the course of the future TODAY.

And you don’t even need a mad scientist and a time machine to change it.

Join us right here, right now

And we'll see you on the other side


David, Peter, And John

Does this work for home workouts?
Absolutely. In fact, it’s the best programming solution for home workouts. Because you select what equipment you have available. You’ll never have to substitute exercises. If you select bodyweight only you won’t have to worry about substituting exercises or anything like that. You’ll get a bodyweight program that’s as detailed and custom as any of the other workouts.

Will I be able to talk to a coach?
Yes. You can text our coaching team whenever you need to. This includes questions about form, specific exercises or whatever. However, it is a real person, we can’t guarantee the same kind of speed on responses as you’ll get from filling out the daily survey.

Can I send videos to check my form?
Yes. You can send your videos right into the text chat and one of our coaches will respond to it when they can (almost always within 24 hours).
What if I want to change my goals/equipment?
You can always go back to the initial bioanalytic survey and fill it out with new equipment. There’s also a feature you’ll see where you can set up two different sets of equipment. So if you’re at the gym, you just select your “gym equipment” in your survey that day, and the workout will be based on what you have available that day.

Does this program work if I don't have a smart phone?
Okay, first of all. What? If you happen to still be living in 2008, this program will still workout as long as you have device that can receive text messages.

Is there personal nutrition support?
As of right now, this coaching platform does not include extra support for nutrition help. And we know that can be a big part of signing up for a coaching program.

But if you sign up today, you’ll get the BioAnalytic Nutrition and Supplements Guides as bonuses.

If nutrition is the only thing holding you back and you’re dominating your workouts, this service probably isn’t for you (although the guides might still make it worth it).

Will this work if I’m a competing athlete?
Yes, absolutely. In the BioAnalytic Survey you tell us each day how far away your next game or competition is, so our programming is perfectly suited to accommodate in-season training schedules. 

Have you thought about making an app?
We have. We decided to go with text support and internet browsers for one main reason: studies have shown that people are much less likely to blow off texts than app notifications. So, the texts work the best for encouraging clients to follow the program. 

Is there a minimum monthly commitment?
No. you can cancel anytime. Although of course, to get any kind of real, long-term progress, it requires sticking with it. To see really progress, we’d recommend at least 90 days.

When will I be billed?
When you sign up, you'll be billed $77 on the first day, and then 77 on the same day the following month. You can cancel anytime. 

NOTE: The RFS BioAnalytic Coaching Program is a completely virtual workout program. You will not need to download anything (although you can download the bonus guides). It will all take place through text and the internet. After you order, you'll be sent the link in order to start. 

Please read our awesome disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the services they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. Don’t do drugs; stay in school. There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. I bet this disclaimer would make a good rap song.

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