The Super Hero Workout

Attention Men & Women: If You’ve Ever Been Inspired By Heroes...

If You’ve Ever Wanted a Body Fit for the Silver Screen… 
Or Have A Burning Desire To Finally Achieve The Hollywood Body...

...We've got great news.
Inside This Letter, We're Uncovering The Most Jealously Guarded Secret Movie Stars Use to Lose Up To 20Lbs of Body Fat – While Adding Lean, Ripped Muscle Months For Their Big Budget “Super Hero” Film Roles -  In Just 12 Weeks

If you’ve ever seen a movie star go from chubby or even fat…

To freaky-ripped and muscular...

And wondered “how did he do that?” 

Then the information on this page is for you.

You’ll discover exactly how YOU can use the same cutting-edge fat-busting techniques previously reserved for Hollywood’s “elite”… 

and how it’s possible to get the body of your dreams...

WITHOUT using ANY drugs, crash dieting or starving on “rabbit food”…

But ONLY for a very limited time.

Achieve a Super Hero Physique...

Dear Superhero-To-Be,

If you think you think that only “celebrities” can go from soft to insanely ripped in mere months…

if you think only elite athletes and actors can have transformations 
so incredible you think they’re photoshopped…


Because the secrets I’m about to show you have nothing to do with 

expensive personal trainers...


or strange diets.

Just like Gerard Butler did BEFORE 300…

or Chris Hemsworth BEFORE Thor

or Ryan Reynolds BEFORE The Green Lantern

Just 90 days from now, you will have a body a lot like one of the superhero characters you see in the movies. 

You Just Have To 4 Simple Steps...

After all, when I started on my quest to get the most ripped look possible, I definitely didn’t achieve it by magic, or overnight. 

But it did happen …

It took a while (much longer than it would now)...

and  I learned a few hard but really IMPORTANT lessons along the way.

It was incredibly hard for me, but it DOESN’T have to be for you. 

This is the exact reason why I specifically created the Super Hero Workout to help you: 

because if you know what you’re doing, it isn’t as impossible as it seems.

In fact, those lessons I learned taught me that it doesn’t even have to be that hard to get the kind of results that seem reserved for celebrities.

Don’t tell me—you don’t believe me, right? 

I get that a lot. 

My clients always say it when we first get started. 

They’re just like you.

And just like I used to be.

Just like my clients, I bet when you watch super hero flicks like the X-Men series or Thor, you tell yourself,

“There’s simply no way I could ever look like that.”

Well, in the words of Wolverine...

I’ve got news for you, bub. 

The truth is, those beautiful people in the skin-tight leather fighting the bad guys on screen weren’t born that way – they had to follow a specific plan…

but…they also had to do it the RIGHT way…

So you want to be a superhero or at least look like one?

Let me tell you, from my own experience, and my experience training thousands of clients...

there is nothing inherently special about celebrities, at least not physically. 

They’re really no different from you or me…

Which means…

YOU Can Have The Same Shapely Proportions, Athletic Agility & Endurance As Your Favorite Stars… AND The Heroes they Play

I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that...

Exactly how to do the “impossible” and lose crazy amounts of body fat while building lean muscle; 

Exactly how to achieve the type of “impossible” fitness transformation seemingly reserved for the elite.

But first, let me introduce myself. My name’s John Romaniello. I’m a New York Times bestselling fitness author, an international speaker, and a former chubby guy.

For the past 12 years, I’ve been changing the face of the fitness industry...

working with clients of all kinds—including professional athletes, big-time music producers, and...

even some of the actors in big-time Hollywood Super Hero movies.

As a writer, my work’s been featured in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, SHAPE, and all of the other big-time fitness magazines.

AND, just so you know how proud my mom is, I’ve also been on TV shows like Good Morning America and Taking Stock.

But, that’s not important. 

What IS important is that I’m going to show you precisely how all those stars pulled off their “miracles...” 

and give you the very same results in the same amount of time it took for those Hollywood stars—or less!

To do that, it’s really, really, really important that I make you understand this one thing:

I Am NOT "Genetically Gifted"
More importantly, most of the ripped-up celebs you see on movies aren’t, either. 

I know, it’s easy to see guys on magazine covers, trainers and others in peak condition and think they have something you don’t.

But it’s simply not true.

“Heroes Aren’t Born – They’re Made"
Recognize that tag line?

It’s from the first Iron Man movie…and I couldn’t agree more.
After all, I wasn’t born with the body that I have now…

it took a good long while for me to develop the right systems…

…Which took me from being depressingly overweight and out of shape...

to being featured on magazine covers.

Now, I’d love to tell you some cool story about being sent to Earth from a doomed planet far away and being taken in by a kindly farming couple in Kansas.

Sadly, that’s not the case. My origin story is pretty mundane: 

I was born and raised outside of New York City. 

We didn’t have a farm. We just had a regular house…

it didn’t even have a secret cave under the southeast corner.

Just a regular house outside of the City...

but it was here that I developed a lifelong love of comic books. It was hard not to; 

growing up so close to NYC and reading comics, it’s almost impossible NOT to picture yourself IN them.
Whether you call it “Gotham” or “Metropolis” or “Starling City” – NYC serves as the backdrop for nearly every major comic book character in the world.

But, as much as I loved reading comic books and imagining myself in them…

there was just one nagging problem with my dreams of becoming a super hero myself: 

see, when I was younger, I was actually really out of shape.

Put more directly...


That’s right, I used to be almost 30 pounds overweight...

and that made flipping through the pages of my favorite comic books painful at times…

because I never saw any masked crusader with my level of pudge (with the exception of The Blob, but he was a villain).

Finally, when I was about 19, I got sick of it—eventually, I took an interest in the gym and was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

When I started seeing the first small bit of change working out had on my body, I went full-tilt.

 It wasn’t too long after I started working out that I dropped ALL 30 of those extra pounds. How did that happen?

I made a point of taking detailed notes of each and every little change in my body and what I had done to achieve it.

Over a few weeks, through a combination of well-researched and tested exercise routines, I had successfully…

  • Thwarted the (evil!) fat that once dominated my frame and made me dread the thought of being shirtless…
  • Took full control over my metabolism and made it work the way I want it to, making it go slower or faster, depending on my needs…
  • Chiseled every last one of my muscle groups while also blasting my bodyfat count into obscurity…

…Or You Can Just See The Result For Yourself

I was so inspired by the results I pulled off, I decided to devote the next few decades of my life to my role as a trainer and strength coach, helping men and women look exactly the way they want to.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve helped everyone from your neighbors or co-workers to professional athletes, celebrities and models achieve the EXACT bodyweight they’ve wanted for years.
Of Course, Every Hero Encounters Some Trouble...
Along the way I hit a few snags and the extra pounds would sometimes sneak up on me unexpectedly.

Since I’ve always sworn by leading by example.

I set about trying to design what would prove to be the DEFINITIVE program that would ensure that once you did achieve the ideal body, you keep it…

No more peaks-and-valleys.

So, like any good Super Hero, I retreated back into my Fortress of Jacktitude....

And went back to the drawing board....

Testing and re-testing everything I could think of in an effort to create the ideal method.

Untold hours were spent applying all that to design the most comprehensive top-to-bottom fitness system that will...

send your body fat running for the hills...

inflate your physique like you’ve ever experienced...

and change the way you think about your body.

When all was said and done, my months of intense work, research, and analysis gave me…

The Holy Grail of Fitness: 
The Super Hero physique I’ve achieved...

And those I’ve helped thousands of men and women build didn’t just happen. 

They came from a system that revolves around ONE fundamental principle

and I made a point of keeping this in mind as I carefully assembled The Super Hero Workout.

You see, in order to achieve the types of physiques that look so impressive on the big screen, they have to do something normally considered “impossible” by most fitness professionals.

Building a Super Hero body in as little as 12 weeks requires people (whether they’re movie stars or averages Joes) have to achieve the so-called “Holy Grail” of fitness—they have lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

And by focusing on that principle as the goal, I eventually devised the ultimate training program for body re-composition, for simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain.
Introducing The REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM Top Trainers Use To Get Hollywood Stars Into SUPER HERO Shape In Record Time—Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, In Fact. (Well, almost.)

You Can Use These Secrets To...

  • Amplify your strength to incredible levels…
  • ​Stack on layers of rock-hard muscle...
  • Incinerate stubborn fat...
  • ​Develop Olympic-caliber agility, coordination, and balance...
  • ​Maximize your endurance and massively boost your overall athletic performance…
  • Gain dense, lean mass with no fat...
  • ​Polish your physique and eliminate your "weak spots"

How Can A Program Actually Do That?

Simple: the Super Hero Workout focuses on overall body recomposition—

and, if I do say so myself, it’s one of the most sophisticated programs to do so.

For those who don’t know, body recomposition means to make concurrent adjustments to the factors that determine your body composition: lean body mass, and fat mass.

In laymen’s terms, body recomposition means that you’ll lose body fat while gaining lean body mass, or muscle.
This is a lofty goal, and one that you have no doubt been told is impossible.

Because the truth is, there’s a commonly held belief that you simply can’t do that: 

That you can’t burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

But, as someone who has made a career out of doing just that, 
I’m here to tell you that you’ve heard wrong.

Here’s the thing: to most lousy trainers, gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time only seems impossible because they don’t know how to program...

They have a rigid definition of “the same time.”

Thinking in purely stark terms, “at the same time” means achieving those goals concurrently;

that is, losing fat and gaining muscle each and every day. It’s possible, but requires a tailored approach.

But, for a program written to be effective for all people, it’s still very possible. 

Especially if you take a broader view...

it’s really very achievable to put on muscle and burn fat “at the same time.”

You see, the Super Hero Workout is a 12-week program intended for body recomposition.

As long as you both gain muscle and burn fat within the context of those 12 weeks, you’ve achieved body recomposition;

regardless of whether you spent some dedicated time building muscle, and some time dedicated to burning fat.

Most people tend to argue the semantics of physiological possibility, whereas I only concern myself with results.

Which is what you want, isn’t it? 

You’re interested in results, not semantics...

You want to burn up to 20 pounds of fat and gain up to 8 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks.

Right? Right. Because you’re just like my client Colin – you want something that actually works. 

Check out what Colin has to say…

Colin Lost 60 Pounds And GAINED Muscle!

"For years, I was focusing on being big and strong; and while I did that, I also got pretty fat.

After reading his articles and seeing his programs, I knew that the only guy I would trust was Roman.

But even when I signed up, I was skeptical—I didn’t know if his methods would work for me, and I questioned him in the beginning. Thankfully, I decided to trust him…and I’m glad I did!

Following Roman’s program, I dropped over 60 POUNDS! Not only did I get to 9% body fat (it’s been so long since I saw my abs, I forgot I had them), I kept ALL MY STRENGTH. Now I’m lean and strong.

I know I’ll stay that way, too: Roman’s programs are so simple to follow that was able to keep the weight and I haven’t fell of the wagon since."

Colin W., 50,
Hartford, Connecticut
But, like Colin, you may have some initial doubts, and you want to know how we can get there, I assume.

To that, allow me to give you a very brief breakdown of the program.

The Super Hero Workout is broken down into 4 phases, each varying in length from two to four weeks.

 Each of these phases is intended to focus on a specific goal: strength, endurance, hypertrophy, and athleticism.

If we were to just leave it there, that would be enough: you’d gain muscle and lose fat over the next 12 weeks, achieving the ever-elusive composition. But...

Superhero workout iron man
I’m Of The Mind That Good Enough Isn't Good Enough.
It’s not enough to simply get results by the happenstance of completing these phases. 

If it were, people could just go from a fat loss program to a muscle-building program to a strength program, and keep making progress forever.

But that isn’t what happens. 

In fact, the opposite tends to happen: rather than making continuous progress, these program hoppers tend to experience two-steps forward, and one step back. 

When they switch from fat loss to muscle gain, they re-gain some of the fat they’ve lost; when they switch from muscle gain to fat loss, they tend to sacrifice some of their hard-earned LBM.

Why this happens is important - 

let’s focus on why it doesn’t happen with the Super Hero Workout. 

Why does SHW allow you to keep making progress from phase-to-phase, while jumping from one complete program to another doesn’t?

The Answer Is Both Simple And Complicated, And It Comes Down To Periodization...  

Which Is The KEY To Unlocking Body Recomposition.
Periodization is the only way to program that allows for simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain – the ONLY way to program that will allow you to build a SUPER HERO body.

This term refers to setting up your training into specific blocks of time (or periods), with each period focusing on a specific facet of the overall fitness spectrum.

The goal is to periodize in a way that allows the qualities you develop to build upon one another...

creating a system where each period is more effective because of the ones that came before—

this is known as ”progressive programming.”

It is that very approach to programming that makes the Super Hero Workout stand out:

every phase builds on the phase that came before it, allowing you to make progress each and every week.

And even though each phase focuses on specific goals...

The overall design on the program allows for you to chip away at secondary goals while you’re making direct strides towards the primary goal of that phase.

Here’s a rundown. As I said, SHW has four phases, and each phase focuses on developing one specific quality.
Super hero workout strength and power
Strength and power are two of the hallmarks of many, many super heroes. And that’s reflected in their physiques.

Just look at this summer’s big super hero blockbuster movies, if you need proof.

Chris Hemsworth, the lucky man who got to take on the role of Thor has always been blessed with good looks, but he wasn’t always as buff and defined as what you saw in the movie.

The same thing goes for Chris Evans, the guy who scored the gig of Captain America.

Both guys were nicely cut going into the contract signing…

but the catch was they needed to get BUFF…

and by the time they showed up on the set for the first day of shooting, they looked every bit the part.
Super hero workout speed and agility
Heroes like The Punisher and Catwoman score big time “bad-ass points” with most comic book fans – and with good reason.

The Punisher’s pretty darn tough and so is Catwoman in her own right, but let’s face it, they ain’t the Hulk. 

Even Spiderman—who DID have some enhancements to his strength—is known more for his dexterity and quickness than brute force.

This is the Phase of the system that will show you EXACTLY how to build the essential “springboard” strength your body needs to rise to that next level of muscle building.
Super hero workout lean mass
If your goal is to stack on some heavy-duty muscle (minus the green flesh), this is what all the work you put into the first two phases has prepared you for and you’ll definitely be caught off guard by how quickly you advance.

Phase three arms you with a very unique combination of split-training integrated with fitness routines that go against many of the “norms” of the fitness community, but that’s what makes this phase such a break-through program.

WARNING: Do Not skip to this phase without completing the first two phases. The exercises in this phase are so intensely advanced, they’re guaranteed to tear you apart if you aren’t fully prepared.
Super hero workout athleticism
This is the finish line where – all the hard work you’ve done in the previous three phases gets sharply refined and polished up…

By the end of phase 4, you’re as fit as any fighter of evil and you’ll see firsthand just how specifically engineered The Super Hero Workout system is for fast-paced conditioning.
Here’s How All of This Comes Together To Help You Lose Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time, Developing The Ultimate Super Hero Body…
1. During PHASE ONE, you’ll get considerably stronger; however, because of the structure of the workouts, you’re going to lose fat and gain a bit of muscle. This occurs because you’re doing hybrid workouts that have a strength component with heavy weights early in the session, and metabolic work at the end. Throughout Phase One, you’ll always be challenging yourself and building strength, but never pushing too far to inhibit recovery.

2. In PHASE TWO, your focus is eliciting an increase in muscular endurance while burning fat. This is accomplished through the use of density training, where progression from week to week is based on doing more work in less time. But because of Phase One, you’re now a lot stronger and more explosive; this allows you to use heavier weights during the fat-burning density workouts of Phase Two, which in turn means you’ll be burning more fat and increasing strength endurance.

3. From there, you move on to PHASE THREE, which is purely dedicated to building muscle. As such, you’ll be required to train with higher reps; however, you won’t need to lighten the load. Because of the strength increases in Phase One, and the endurance you built in Phase Two, you’ll now be able to lift heavier weight for MORE reps, which in turn allows you to build even more muscle.

4. Finally, there’s PHASE FOUR, which focuses on overall athleticism. To accomplish this, you’ll have to force your body to call upon each one of the qualities you’ve previously developed, first piecemeal and then all together. As a result, during that phase, you’ll continue to increase strength, burn even more fat, and build more muscle, SPECIFICALLY because your body has become more efficient (and proficient) at each one.

That's The Power of Periodization—It Creates A System Where The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts
The Result Is That Each Part of Your Training Will Benefit From Everything Else You've Done Prior.

Contrast this with the example I gave above, where you’re consistently trying to play “catch-up” just to regain what you lost during a previous program or period.

As you can see, the program is both well thought-out and well designed…

…but you should also know it’s been thoroughly field-tested. 

While the initial test group was just 50 people, since it’s initial release in 2011, over 4,000 people have gone through the Super Hero Workout. Version 2.0 is even better than the last

—it’s got more information and even better workouts.

The Super Hero Workout v2.0, the holy grail of body recomposition isn’t just “possible” – it’s damn near guaranteed.

Because of periodization, because of progressive programming, re-composition is in your grasp.

Is that something you need? Well, let’s find out.

Here's What Other Super Hero Trainers Have To Say...

If you’re looking for something to help you look your absolute best, you’ve found it.

I spent years in the fitness industry, testing every conceivable method on myself on my clients to get the results we were after, and the type of programming you’ll find in the Super Hero Workout is exactly what you need to get you in amazing shape.

As an actor, it’s even more important for me to stay in great shape, and I still rely on these methods (and this very program) to keep me ready for everything from action roles to love scenes.

If you’re looking for something to help you look your absolute best, you’ve found it.

Matt McGorry,
Netflix’s Orange is the New Black

As celebrity trainers who actually transform the actors and actresses into your favorite superhero or villain (like Sebastian Stan for his role as Bucky/The Winter Soldier in Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier), we can say with complete confidence that the Super Hero Workout 2.0 is exactly the kind of program to make you powerful like Thor, have mass like the Hulk, and ripped like Spidey.
We’ve even used some of these methods when training our own clients training—including the Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan.

Take our word for it, the Super Hero Workout will be with you ’til the end of the line.

Eric Johnson,
Ryan Johnson,
Founders, Sons of Strength
If You're Struggling With Any of The Following Aspects of Your Training:

Shedding Stubborn Fat - No matter what tweaks you make to your diet or workout, those irritating last couple of inches stubbornly stick and take away from the rest of your hard-earned look

Increasing Your Athletic Performance – You’re starting to get the look you want, but it’s coming at the price of your other physical abilities…

you look great, but your performance is getting lame
Developing Noticeable Muscle – The scale tells you that you’ve gained muscle, but when you look in the mirror, it’s NOWHERE to be found

Building Endurance – You benefit from energy spikes here and there, but then you crash and can’t keep up with the regular pace of routines you do all the time

Gaining Dense, Lean Mass – You hit plateaus right when you’re at your peak only to find yourself working like a mule just to add two or three measly pounds

If ANY of those apply to you, then—believe it or not—you are the ideal candidate to build a super hero body. 

Because with the Super Hero Workout, you can achieve all of those things and more.

Here's Everything You'll Get Inside The Superhero Workout Program:
Component #1: Super Hero Workout Training Manual ($297 value) 

This manual contains the core program of the Super Hero Workout system written by a New York Times bestselling author, and one of the top trainers in the world. 

You’re getting the exact same strategies I’ve used to prepare my top-tier celebrity clientele for their million-dollar roles…

at a fraction of the price. 

This contains the Four Phases described above laid out over a 12-week plan. Jam-packed with cutting-edge exercises, this is easily one of the most comprehensive programs you’ll find anywhere on the market.
Component #2: Super Hero Workout Training Log Sheets ($47 value) 

Not your typical log sheets, this manual is specifically tailored to measure how your super hero training is coming along and will help you determine if you need to step up the pace or cut back on it.
Component #3: Super Hero Supplementation Guide ($87 value) 

A tremendous amount of research and experimentation went into the workout guides, but we poured the same intense research into creating a diet that produces a potent “catapult” effect to max out your exercise efforts.

This guide goes beyond covering what you should consume – it’s a system based on timelines that work with your body’s chemistry. 

The supplementation guide helps you understand the critical aspects of complicated issues like post-workout nutrition, nutrient timing, and more.
Component #4: Super Hero Quick Start Checklist ($47 value) 

This checklist was put together for serious super heroes in training to keep track of every aspect of their workout regimen.

This checklist ensures that no surprises spring up and that you’re always stocked up with everything you need (all real super heroes are always ready!) for equipment and supplements.

As You Blast Through The Phases Of The Super Hero Workout Over 12 Short Weeks You Will...
  • Discover the 3-day-a-week exercise that will catapult the level of your strength, setting the stage for major change – your suddenly increased strength will have you feeling like you actually did have special powers
  • Watch that seemingly “un-shedable” fat you’ve been battling viciously suddenly begin to vanish, giving way to tight muscle in its place
  • Find out how Spiderman’s wall-crawling abilities and Scarlett Johansson’s killer moves in Iron Man 2 are connected to toning and defining every last muscle to its maximum point
  • Develop an explosive workout pace that continually feeds your body with more and more energy every time you do it, leading to a cycle of CONSTANT progress
  • Continuously push the limits of your physical endurance, giving you the ability to achieve heightened levels of fitness at an almost-alarming pace
  • Use the number one way to blast forward with your strength training by doing a set of strategic exercises that too many so-called “experts” don’t even use themselves
  • Find out which “power foods” actually generate muscle and when is the best time to eat them
  • Zap away any remaining pounds of fat that didn’t get the hint the first time around, for the lowest overall body fat count you’ve ever known
  • Get rid of all those nagging weak spots that put a “stain” on your all the effort you’ve put in 
  • Find out which “power foods” actually generate muscle and when is the best time to eat them
  • Zap away any remaining pounds of fat that didn’t get the hint the first time around, for the lowest overall body fat count you’ve ever known
  • Get rid of all those nagging weak spots that put a “stain” on all your effort and hard-work
I’m So Excited To Bring This New System To The Public That I've Decided To Do Something Special For The Occasion...
I’m Offering The Super Hero Workout at An ADDITIONAL Discount…

$77 $37

Now, as you can see, all of the information in the Super Hero Workout is worth over 450 bucks.

And people are happy to pay it, all day every day. 

So when I offer it for $37, you can imagine how great of a value that is.

In fact, if you don’t agree that this is one of the best values in the entire industry…

Well…I guess it’s possible that The Super Hero Workout is very likely NOT for you…

It’s no secret that the proven methods contained in this program are valuable. 

In fact, just adding up the costs of the individual components would put you at $525.00 – and honestly, that would be a fair price. 

But you’re not going to pay ANYWHERE NEAR that.

Here’s the thing: summer is only just around the corner, and I want to encourage you to get to work on your Super Hero body NOW, not later.

I want to prove to you that you can have the awesome, impeccable physique you’ve always dreamed of in only 12 short weeks, and that’s part of the reason for the low price–I want you to go for it.

My personal coaching services don’t come cheap – far from it.

 In fact, more than once, my hourly rate has scared away a few people—and I don’t blame them, because $375 PER HOUR is a lot to ask.

Think about that for a second: to hire me out—even for just one hour—would easily run you more than FIFTEEN TIMES the cost of what I’m asking…

Which makes walking away from this limited time offer a little strange.

Why strange?

Because in an economy like this one, it really is getting tougher and tougher to find such a huge amount of value at such an incredibly low price…

Especially when it’s backed by a 60-Day No Questions Asked FULL REFUND.

If, for any reason whatsoever you feel the Super Hero Workout has left you looking like less than what I promised it would, I want you to feel free to ask for a full money back refund.

The Super Hero Workout Isn't For Everyone
Now, I’ve already told you that I stand by the awesome-tastic efficacy of this program 100% and that I’m backing it up with a 60-Day no questions asked money-back guarantee, making this a COMPLETELY RISK-FREE offer for you.

But I’m going to make you another guarantee – this system will do nothing for you and will not change your life if YOU DO NOT USE IT.

I’m not out here selling BS “magic bullets” that zap your fat away and build concrete slabs of Herculean brawn while you sleep or munch away on potato chips while watching hours of TV. That crap just doesn’t exist.

What I’m offering is an amazing program that will work for you, as long as you work the program.

…It’s as simple as that!

If you want the Super Hero physique you crave, you’re gonna have to put in some work. 

But other than that, all you have to do is follow this carefully developed system...

and if for any given reason you don’t get exactly what you were expecting, you’re still covered by the 100% money-back guarantee.

Up, up…and, well, you know the rest,

John Romaniello,

New York Times Bestselling Author,
All Around Super Nerd
P.S. –  There’s nothing wrong if you don’t want a Super Hero body.

Billions of people walk around fat every day and are seemingly satisfied with it. We both most of them aren't, however. For many, their fat rolls suck the soul right out of them.

You see it in their ghost-like faces; The way they move through life - as if they're in a trance., resigned to living a mediocre life, which is okay.

However, I knew I wasn’t destined to lead that kind of life. And I firmly believe... YOU certainly are not destined to lead that kind of life either.

So when I say I’m committed to helping you discover this...I MEAN IT. I’ve seen it change lives and I know it can change yours.

That’s why I’m giving you my Iron-Clad, 60 Day money-back guarantee. So go ahead and click the button below. Give it all you’ve got and then get back to me with your life-changing transformation story.

P.P.S. – Don’t forget one of the fundamental reasons you’re a fan of heroes in the first place...

because they take action; hesitation isn’t in their vocabulary. 

Take a quick second and think about what would happen if you don’t end up investing in yourself and your future today...

and if you say you’ll just be back tomorrow.

Then...“Poof” another opportunity gone, forever.

See, if you pass up on this irresistible offer right now, chances are you’ll still be stuck exactly where you are right now;

Wasting your hard-earned money and your precious time on things that won’t build that dream body and just have you spinning your wheels in place...

It's time to take back control of your body starting today. Join us, right here, right now:


Q: How does the SUPER HERO Workout work so fast?
The system is based on the most common problems faced by the average person and is scientifically designed based on a combination of proven biological facts and tested exercise patterns. Put somewhat more directly, this system works with your body’s adaptation curve instead of against it, which is the unfortunate reality of many programs out there.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need to follow the SUPER HERO Workout?
Technically, just your own bodyweight and a set of dumbbells would work; really, you can modify just about every exercise to work with very limited equipment. Ideally, though, you’ll have a barbell for things like squats and deadlifts, a set of dumbbells heavy enough to challenge you, and a pull up bar (or sturdy door frame!).

You definitely DON’T need fancy equipment, or a gym membership. As long as you have a decent set up, you can workout anywhere.

Q: I’m a beginner – Will I be able to keep up with this?
The SUPER HERO Workout is admittedly tough, but it’s not a completely advanced program. And really, it wouldn’t be fair to design it for only one type of person. So the way it works is this – if you’re already physically active, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to jump right into the program. 

If however, you’ve led something of a sedentary lifestyle lately, meaning very little to no exercise, I’d recommend you start the program off a little more slowly until your body adapts to this new way of life. Once you get into the rhythm, things will pick up quickly

Q: How does the SUPER HERO Workout work so fast?
The SHW system is based on the most common problems faced by the average person and is scientifically designed based on a combination of proven biological facts and tested exercise patterns. This system works with your body’s adaptation curve instead of against it, which is the unfortunate reality of many programs out there.

Q: What if the SUPER HERO Workout doesn’t work for me?
Then it’s free. The four phases of the SUPER HERO Workout were researched and tested in-depth to help you lose more weight, increase your strength, build more muscle and perfect your overall physique in record time. I believe so strongly in this program and the principles on which it’s based that I’m willing to guarantee it. All of which is to say: on the (very) off chance it doesn’t work for you, just email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Q: How long does it take for the SUPER HERO Workout to arrive?
No more than 3 minutes, depending on who your Internet service provider happens to be. As soon as you complete your purchase of the SUPER HERO Workout, you’ll be given instant access to all ebooks, videos and audios in the system. No need to wait and wait until it arrives in the mail, or pay additional fees for shipping.

NOTE: The Super Hero Workout is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Please read our awesome disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. Don’t do drugs; stay in school. There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. I bet this disclaimer would make a good rap song.

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